Dreaming of the Delta

Dreaming of the DeltaThe old woman who walks at a steady, brisk pace with her head held high is sixty-seven years old and belongs to a world that no longer exists. She is tall and thin and wears her hair short. In one hand she carries a bag, and in the other, her purse. She looks down the deserted street and heads toward the river.

The sky is white, the cobblestone path wet. A strange calm envelops the shore.

The old woman stops, hesitates, and looks at some gourds that are hanging from the branches of a ceibo tree and swaying in the wind.

She heads to the wharf, where the ferries that take passengers to the islands are moored.

She has time to spare.

Dreaming of the Delta: Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock, Estados Unidos.
ISBN: 978-0-89672-898-1.
Primera edición: Diciembre 2014.
128 páginas.
Traducción de La pasajera por Rhonda Dahl Buchanan.


Fecha: 1 julio, 2015