The Entre Ríos Trilogy

The Entre Ríos TrilogyThe novels in this collection, written by Perla Suez in Spanish and expertly translated here to English by Rhonda Dahl Buchanan, take place in Entre Ríos, the Argentine province where thousands of Jewish immigrants settled at the end of the nineteenth century. Suez weaves history and memory in these tales of passion, violence, and intrigue.

Déborah, the protagonist of Lethargy, narrates the traumatic experiences of her youth in Basavilbaso, and captures the stifling atmosphere of intolerance and repression during the 1950s. In The Arrest Lucien Finz, a young Jewish farmer, leaves the rice fields of Villa Clara to study medicine in Buenos Aires, where he becomes a victim of La Semana Trágica, the «Tragic Week» in January of 1919, when government forces arrested, tortured, and murdered striking workers and many innocent people. Complot is an intricate web of lust, deceit, murder, and power, which spans the first three decades of the twentieth century, when Great Britain influenced the growth of the Argentine nation.

The Entre Ríos Trilogy: University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, Estados Unidos.
ISBN: 9780826336163.
Primera edición: 2006.
241 páginas.
Traducción de Trilogía de Entre Ríos por Rhonda Dahl Buchanan.


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