El arresto (The arrest)

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Entre Ríos, at the beginning of the 20th century. The Finz, a family of Jewish origin, work the land, they are rice farmers. The mother is dead soon, the voice of the father marks the law with rigor not without cruelty. Lucien is the youngest of the family, and soon he will lose the brother who protected him. Villa Clara, the town where they live, is small. His ambition has a destiny and a profession: Buenos Aires, to be a doctor. A forbidden love precipitates the journey.

But the city does not respond to the imagined. It’s arduous, hostile. At the dawn of 1920, the Jews are not welcome, assuming they were once. The sound of the revolution shakes the streets that Lucien uses; repression is the order of the day. A misunderstanding, if such a thing exists, places it at the center of that fabric of violence, hatred and redemption. Your life will change forever. The painful memory of their ancestors will become their consciousness. You will understand that the more one moves away from its source, the more it sinks into its roots.


The arrest: Editorial Edhasa, Buenos Aires, Argentina. ISBN: 978-987-628-438-7. First edition: April 2017. 96 pages.


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