Review: Winter Fury, by Perla Suez
April 21, 2019. La nación. By Daniel Gigena. – Link

Perla Suez: “Language is always a terrain of dispute”
April 18, 2019. La Tinta / Page 12. By Daniel Gigena. – Link

Writing is a place of protection
April 15, 2019. Pagina 12. By Silvina Friera. – Link

Review # 798: Sound and Fury
April 15, 2019, Solo tempest. By Adrián Ferrero. – Link

The condemned of the earth
April 14, 2019, La Prensa. By Glenda Mccoy.- Link

No Exit
April 12, 2019. Pagina 12. By Daniel Gigena. – Link

Perla Suez: “I wanted to give prominence to one of those beings that nobody cares about”
April 9, 2019. Tiempo Argentino. By Monica Lopéz Ocón. – Link

“Winter fury”
April 7, 2019. Diario de Misiones. – Link

Perla Suez: “This savage and consumerist world turns beings into beings”
April 6, 2019. Los Andes. By Ximena Sol Pascutti. – Link

“Society is hypocritical, it encloses you, it suffocates you and it does not let you be”.
April 5, 2019. BAE Business. By María Ripetta. – Link
The function is not going to change the world, but at least it helps to become aware.
April 4, 2019. Télam. – Link

An exterminating angel for the national tragedy
April 4, 2019, Revista Ñ Clarín. By Patricia Suarez.-  Link
Meeting without so much harmony or consensus
April 1, 2019. Pagina 12. By Silvina Freira. – Link

Without direction or future
March 31, 2019. La Prensa. By Gustavo García. – Link

The beasts
March 31, 2019, Pagina 12. By Margara Averbach. – Link

Inclusive language, translation, internet and the uncertain future of the Spanish language: a talk with Ana María Shua and Perla Suez
March 28, 2019. Infobae. By Luciano Saliche. – Link

Perla Suez: Fiction can anything
March 24, 2019. La voz. By Diego Demarchi. – Link

Perla Suez: “Marginals teach us to see reality”
March 27, 2019. Ambito.com. – Link

The secrets of Perla Suez to write: “Literature is an imprecise territory”
March 22, 2019. Infobae. By Perla Suez. – Link


Key week for argentinian children’s literature

March 26, La Nación. – Link

A book by Perla Suez, illustrated by Natalia Colombo, is postulated between the ten best books in the world.

March 23, Telam. By Maria Claudia Lorenzon – Link

A book by Perla Suez is chosen between the 10 best books in the world

March 23, La Nueva Mañana. – Link

Countdown to Filba

March 11, La Voz del Interior. By Redacción VOS – Link

How do writers use the dictionary?

February 18, La Voz del Interior. By Carlos Schilling – Link


Perla Suez, The arrest and History as a mirror
December 21, Hoy Día Córdoba. By Ariel Toledo – Link

Christmas special. The season’s novels. J. A. Masoliver Ródenas’s favorites
December 16, Culturas La Vanguardia – Link

The coffee grounds don’t erase words

November 12, Puntal Villa María. By Iván Wielikosielek – Link

We are X-rayed by the past, it’s what we are. Interview.

May 23, Clarín. By Daniela Pasik. – Link

“We have to paddle against the current of cultural emptying”. Interview

April 30, Tiempo Argentino. By Fernando Capotondo – Link

Family bonds. Review of Letargo.

March 28, Revista Arcadia. By Martín Franco Vélez. – Link


Argentinian writers prepare to go to international fairs

September 13, Clarín. By Susana Reinoso – Link

Presence of local authors at the Buenos Aires Book Fair

April 25, La mañana de Córdoba. – Link


A desert without barbarians
November 09, La gaceta UdeG. By Roberto Estrada – Link

Perla Suez presents this thursday her last book

June 03, Ciudad Equis. By Eugenia Almeida – Link

Interview with Perla Suez: fiction for the source

May 30, Los Andes. By Patricia Slukich – Link

Perla Suez: “I believe in the power of well-constructed stories”

May 25, La Nación. By Natalia Blanc. – Link

“I wanted to build a western Patagonia”

May 18 de 2015, Página/12. By Silvina Friera – Link

The desert portrayed with beauty, violence and magic of dreams

April 20, Telam. By Claudia Lorenzon – Link

“One will never achieve what you really have wanted to tell”

February 15, Revista Ñ. By María Luján Picabea – Link


Perla Suez portrait: things by their name

December 11 2014, Ciudad Equis. By Eugenia Almeida – Link

“I want to emphasize in young writers from Córdoba”

March 20 2014, Ciudad Equis. By José Playo – Link

Much more tan summer reading”

February 07 2014, Revitsa Ñ. By Perla Suez. – Link

Reading between the lines

January 2014, Revista Deodoro. By Perla Suez. – Link


“Everything is based in the quality of works” About the Nationals Awards

October 1st 2013, Página/12. By Silvina Friera. – Link

Perla Suez: Argentina’s National Prize for Novel 2013

30 de septiembre de 2013, Telam Agency. – Link


“Brothers by blood”, about Humo rojo (Red smoke)

October 2012, Revista Ñ. By Margara Averbach. – Link

Disunited brothers”, about Humo rojo (Red smoke)

August 2012, adn Cultura, La Nación. By Willy G. Bouillon. – Link


Stories of invisible beings”, about Red smoke

Interview in Ciudad X magazine, August 2012.

Open wounds”, about Red smoke

Interview in  Página/12, July 2012.

The children of the land”, about Red smoke

Interview in  Suplemento Radar, July 2012.

Perla Suez, a writer of few words

Interview in  Rumbos magazine, December2011

Reference to Letargo In “Aquí América Latina. Una especulación”. By Josefina Ludmer, July of 2010. Eterna Cadencia